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Salubritas: To Your Good Health

Snowy Mountains

Who We Are?

Salubritas was founded in beautiful British Columbia where we have a huge focus on sustainability and progressive thinking. After spending years scouring the market for natural health products, the founders of Salubritas discovered the top natural remedies in the world.

We Are A Local Small Business In North Vancouver

We Pride Ourselves In Our Quality and Mission

Salubritas Is Inspired By Canadian Values And Is Committed To Clean, Healthy Living

Our Team

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Tracy is a born entrepreneur since her childhood years. She helped in the small family vinegar business and then as a teenager, she shifted to selling clothes at the marketplaces in Xi’an China. After learning the ins and outs of business, she eventually decided to do it for herself.It all started by taking a long journey to sewing factories in Guangzhou to pick up the clothes and then bring them back to the Xi’an marketplace. The journey was a 96-hour turnaround via an old, overcrowded train. She experienced many nights on the journey without sleep. Not long after, her hard work and driving force paid off and was able to earn enough to help her family and siblings.

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Rob Arthurs

President. Founder

Rob Arthurs has come from an experienced background in business and award winning entrepreneurship as well as within the British Columbia government. After successfully contributing in produrement for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and sourcing the safe food Program, he quickly understood the pending need for sustainable food sources. Salubritas Health Group Inc was born after he saw the good, the bad and the ugly in global healthy food/ supplements business and important need for reliable and proven, natural health products that were and are used in ancient formulas that work and proven in todays modern science. Our world food stocks are depleting, additives are added to our food chain and nutrients are lost in favour of mass production.

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Mohsen Jahanshahi

Director of Sales and Operations, Founder​

Mohsen Jahanshahi got his start in the wellness industry during the start of the market rush of hemp products in 2016/2017. Working with hemp and other traditional botanics, Mohsen formulated and created multiple brands and products that provided powerful benefits with all natural remedies. The truth is that natural compounds can help us live a long, happy life. Natural health supplements are a great way to bolster your immune system to fight off anything. The truth is that natural compounds can help us live a long, happy life. Natural health supplements are a great way to bolster your immune system to fight off anything. 

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