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We at Salubritas want to see more natural options in our daily wellness routine. For so long we have seen prescription drugs be commonplace while natural remedies are quickly dismissed as unreptuable and ineffective.

We fill that gap by finding the best, scientifically backed and verified supplements that we know have the power to drastically improve our daily lives. 

Salubritas is:

meet the team

Tracy Sun, CEO

Tracy Sun began working as a young child with her family in their traditional family vinegar business. Over time her ambitions grew and she branched out on her own, with her first entrance to the market as a solo entrepreneur in the clothing business. Tracy secured a supply chain from manufacturer to retail in the city of Guangzhou and Xi’an marketplace. The 96 hour trip did not deter her, nor did traveling the entire time on public transit and cutting costs at the price of comfort. Tracy grew that business through hard work and dedication and it gave her the first taste of business life.

Fast forward to her next venture in entrepreneurship, Tracy successfully built a large marble company which is still running to this day despite her departure. Her drive and experience fueled her passion, and what was once her prized venture became too much of a burden on her life, relationships, and wellness.

It was then when Tracy began to ponder her roots and got back in touch with her Buddhist upbringing. Reconnecting with herself, distancing herself from the business and cultivating her own life, Tracy became a yoga instructor with all the certifications required and lived a tranquil life sharing her perspective and helping others find themselves. Through this, Tracy understood the importance of her cultural medicines that have been used throughout her history. Working with traditional medicines such as dandelion, prickly melon and other herbs and botanicals, Tracy began to set her sights beyond China.

In 2018, Tracy immigrated to Canada and continued teaching yoga. With the surge of COVID 19, her passion for traditional remedies was fueled and her passion only became stronger.

Through this period, Tracy networked and eventually found a partner that would share this passion and drive for bringing traditional medicine into the limelight.

Jump to today, Tracy is now the CEO of Salubritas Health Products, with the purpose to bring forth her drive and passion, but also her experience with traditional herbs and medicines that she has seen work in the body but has not yet been trusted by western medicine. To resolve this, Tracy focuses on Indian, Chinese, Tibetan, Incan and many other cultural remedies found around the world and focuses on what parts can be validated with a western scientific outlook.

Tracy is proud to call Canada her home and has cultivated a life of passion for all things natural, while maintaining a traditional pride in her family and culture. It is a joy to help others do the same with their traditional habits and beliefs.

meet the team

Rob Arthurs, President, Founder

Our world food stocks are depleting, additives are added to our food chain and nutrients are lost in favour of mass production. 

The world is understanding that supplementing your health with natural components is importing, but oftentimes we are misled with false claims or poor quality control practices. The truth is that natural compounds can help us live a long, happy life. Natural health supplements are a great way to bolster your immune system to fight off anything. There are certain things your body needs that just isn’t always available. 

Rob Arthurs saw this and decided there needs to be a change. Salubritas, coming from the Latin “To Your Good Health”, was designed to hand pick from Rob’s extensive career in public and private sector of national and global food logistics. Only the best, top quality producers are used and every product comes with proven backing behind it. Research done at a clinical level is available to explain exactly how these natural products work in our body and what we can expect. 

It’s an unprecedented level of reliability in a natural product.  

meet the team

Mohsen Jahanshahi, Director,Founder

Natural remedies are the way forward, and Mohsen’s vision is a testament to a future that works with Mother Nature instead of against her.

In his early life, Mohsen grew up in North Vancouver and attended post-secondary at Capilano University as well as BCIT. After a 2 year employment at the Royal Bank of Canada, Mohsen left the financial industry to work as an independent. 

Through years of partnership with Rob Arthurs in the various niches of the wellness industry, the pair decided to set out and create the perfect natural option. Salubritas was the product of this vision, to finally provide a natural product that has been used for generations, but actually have some evidence of it being effective. Up until now it has all been traditions based on passed down legends and advice within families. While these testimonials may be legitimate, they were not validated like other pharmaceutical drugs are today. 

There is rampant abuse of pharmaceutical pills and other very serious compounds used to treat what could simply be treated through natural prevention and postivie lifestyle change. These ideals really took to Mohsen and is the driver behind our mission. For himself and for others, it is a goal to show the world that there is a cure in nature. 

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