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All Salubritas products are clinically backed to ensure effectiveness. Natural products that you can trust every time.

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Increase muscle gains

Supplementation with our natural products demonstrated 52 - 138% increases in muscle strength when training bench press and leg extension (P<0.05).

Recover Faster

Salubritas produced significantly faster recovery time, measured through reduction in serum creatine kinase levels.

Increase Testosterone

Using our natural root extract, we were able to see a significant increase in testosterone levels after 90 days.

Get bigger muscles

Supplementation improves muscle growth for the thigh, arm, and chest. At the end of the study, thighs, arms and chest showed noticeable growth.

competitive advantage

Research shows that Salubrita's main supplement components can be a powerful ergogenic substance useful as a potent performance enhancer.

Light footed

Faster breakdown of ATP combined with energy production in muscles and reduction in creatine means rapid energy, without the crash.

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tested methods, real results

Salubritas uses rigorously tested products that meet or exceed our strict standards. Our manufacturers and us work together to ensure total quality and transparency in certification, quality control, and source requirements.

We use peer-reviewed, clinical data to support our claims and product benefits, so you know you can always rely on Salubritas.

to your good health

“However, beyond just length of life is supporting health of life; the integrated use of an ingredient such as ashwagandha that has proven health benefits in stress management and inflammation could ensure the additional years are healthy ones.”

-Kumar et al , 2013

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