Natural Shampoo Bar Marjoram Eucalyptus Frankincesne

This natural shampoo bar is hand-crafted from high quality natural, palm oil-free ingredients, including Moroccan argan oil! Our shampoo bar foams just like liquid shampoo, leaving your hair clean and soft. Scented with pure essential oils, absolutes and extracts,  there are no
synthetic fragrances in any of our products.

Salubritas Range Of Natural Skin Care Products

Skincare for all body types and needs

Carefully formulated with all natural and sustainable ingredients

Handcrafted and small batch made in Vancouver, Canada

Salubritas Range Of Natural Products

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Lavender Organic Natural Bar Soap

Natural Charcol Facial Bar Yalang Yalang Grapefruit Jasmine

Natural Charcol Facial Bar Ginger Cedal Sandal Wood

Soaps Bar Made with Natural Ingredients

These handmade soaps are made with love for the planet and our skin. Shop these socially responsible brands to discover a clean ingredient list, fair trade ingredients, and some of the best soap for smooth skin. Skincare is as important as your health. Skin is the major organ of your body that’s why you need to take care. Stay happy, love yourself, and be kind to the environment. Hopefully this guide has helped you learn the importance of choosing non-toxic bar soap, key ingredients to look for, and some more eco-friendly soap options.

Salubritas Health Soaps for Relaxation

Salubritsa Health Products promotes skincare and nurturing yourself. Their soap bar contains Lavender powder for gentle exfoliation, organic oils, and organic Shea Butter. Lavender bar soap will leave you with an extra dose of relaxation. They produce in small batches focusing on self-love and care. Skincare is as important as your health. Skin is the major organ of your body that’s why you need to take care. Stay happy, love yourself, and be kind to the environment.

Benefits of Natural Bar Soap Made with Natural Ingredients

Essential Oil Fragrance

Organic soaps typically contain essential oil fragrance like Sandal Wood, lavender, and Grapefruit which gives them antibacterial properties.

Better Healing of the Skin

Organic soaps are made from essential oils, herbs, and spices, they are all-natural high quality ingredients and aid in the healing process of the skin.

Easier to Find Cruelty-Free Options

Organic soaps are animal friendly because they don’t require animal testing during production


Organic soaps are eco-friendly as they don’t use chemicals and pesticides during their production.

Sustainable Packaging

It is good to prefer soap bars to plastic bottle soaps, as paper can be easily recycled.

Supports Small Businesses

Bar soap made with organic ingredients can commonly be found at Small Local Business.

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Shopping Tips for Organic Soap

Do you have dry skin or oily skin?

Will this be used as hand soap or used on your whole body?

Look for plant oils such as SandalWood oil, Jasmine oil, Grape Fruit oil as these are moisturizing and eco-friendly ingredients.

Am I sensitive to skin irritations? If so be sure to look at the ingredients list and consider choosing a neutral scent with soothing ingredients.