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Salubritas is a company focused on bringing traditional medicines into the forefront of modern medicine.

By incorporating plants and botanicals used for generations by cultures, into current structured testing standards.

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Who Are We?

Salubritas Was Founded In Beautiful British Columbia Where We Have A Huge Focus On Sustainability And Progressive Thinking. After Spending Years Scouring The Market For Natural Health Products, The Founders Of Salubritas Discovered The Top Natural Remedies In The World.


Salubritas Presents

Ashwagandha KSM 66

KSM-66 is Ashwagandha produced at the highest quality. You’ll find the highest concentration of Alkaloids and Withanolides, among other useful medicinal compounds, that work hard to fine tune your body.

Clinically proven benefits range from stress and anxiety, management to improvement of memory and reaction time, strengthening the immune system while lowering cholesterol and stabilising blood sugar. It is a plant that enhances the body and mind, offering relief from stress and anxiety while also giving great physical health benefits.