Rob Arthurs - President and Founder

Rob Arthurs, a visionary with a rich background in business, award-winning entrepreneurship, and public service within the British Columbia government, has emerged as a true force to reckon with. His remarkable journey began with his invaluable contributions to procurement for the prestigious 2010 Vancouver Olympics and spearheading the safe food program. Through these experiences, he gained firsthand knowledge of the pressing need for sustainable food sources.

The Inception Salubritas Health Group Inc 

Witnessing both the triumphs and pitfalls of the global healthy food and supplements industry, Rob Arthurs recognized a vital necessity for dependable and proven natural health products. It was from this realization that Salubritas Health Group Inc was born. Harnessing the wisdom of ancient formulas that have stood the test of time and combined it with modern scientific advancements, Salubritas stands as a beacon of reliability.
In our world today, our food stocks are rapidly depleting, additives contaminate our food chain, and vital nutrients are sacrificed in the name of mass production. It is widely acknowledged that supplementing one's health with natural components is of paramount importance. However, consumers are all too often misled by false claims and substandard quality control practices. Salubritas Health Group Inc aims to rectify this grave issue.
Rob Arthurs, driven by an unwavering commitment to transform the landscape of health supplementation, carefully crafted Salubritas to be a paradigm-shifting enterprise. Drawing from his extensive career in both the public and private sectors of national and global food logistics, he meticulously handpicks only the crème de la crème of producers. Each and every product offered by Salubritas is supported by robust evidence and research conducted at a clinical level. This unrivaled level of reliability offers consumers an in-depth understanding of how these natural products function within the body and the remarkable benefits they provide.

Salubritas - a Movement Spearheaded by Rob 

Rob Arthurs - Bio Picture | Founder and President of Salubritas
Salubritas is not simply a company, but a movement spearheaded by Rob Arthurs himself. It stands at the forefront of a revolution in natural health supplementation, empowering individuals to fortify their immune systems and proactively safeguard their well-being. In a world where certain essential components for optimal health are often lacking, Salubritas Health Group Inc strives to redefine the standards of excellence and deliver unparalleled natural products to promote longevity and happiness.